There's a handful of questions about LEGO video games on Gaming SE right now. If I have a question about a video game, do I continue asking there since video games are quite different from the physical building sets themselves, or will they be on topic here as well?


I think if the question is primarily about the LEGO nature of the game, then it should be here. For example "What set contains the Joker figure #3 seen in LEGO Batman?" But if it's primarily about the game nature of the game, it should stay on Gaming.

I proposed a similar distinction for the LEGO boardgames on Area 51 - a question like "How can I build a Heroica-scale lava pit?" belongs here, but "How do I rebalance Heroica to make the barbarian's ability less useless?" goes to Board & Card Game SE.

My rationale is what the communities are interested in and know about - questions about LEGO come here, questions about gaming go there.

  • Still totally agreeing with you since Area51. – Joubarc Oct 27 '11 at 13:24

Yes, I think they should be asked on the Gamming SE as this one is about building stuff, not playing a video game. I enjoy the LEGO video-games but I think they are totally different things.


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