We have a couple of tags on the main site that are semantically similar, but are generally being used in different ways:

At the moment, questions tagged "Building" are all about building techniques, "how do I build..." type questions, while questions tagged "Design" are generally used on questions about set/element design which I think is correct.

However some questions that are more about building a particular model have been tagged "design" as in "How do I design a mechanism to do this".

Should we make design a synonym of building?

Should we keep them separate and update the wiki on to be more explicit about the use of this, state that if your question is about a MOC it should be tagged building?


I originaly thought was more to do with the process of building with LEGO but it seems to be more or less the same thing as .

It could also be assumed that refers to an individual structure such as a house or a bank as opposed to the process of building.

We should give each tag a wiki summary if we plan on keeping them separate.


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