In order to help with descriptions of pieces especially, should we define a standard for descriptive nomenclature?

eg Length x Width x Height of the basic shape followed by additional identifiers

this could give us examples such as a block 8 x 2 x 1, a 16 x 1 x 1 with 15 holes (technics), or a plate 8 x 2 x 1/3

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Generally, elements are described by the number of studs, and then height is defined by them being a plate or brick.

It's then mostly the "specials" or over/under sized bricks that are given a height:

Roof Tile 1X2x3/73°

Roof Tile 1X1x2/3, Abs


If you actually know the part, the best strategy is to use the exact same name as another site, possibly linking to it or even inserting a picture when practical.

No need to reinvent our own naming conventions when there are already so many in use. I prefer to align on LDraw names which can be found via Peeron.


My system, which my small community of friends uses, is potentially straightforward. (Maybe.)

Regular blocks are simply an X by X.

Plates are an X by X plate.

Studless plates are an X by X flat plate.

Bionicle pieces are Bionicle (set name) (piece use)

Minifigure pieces are (figure) head/torso/leg/waist/arm/hand/hair/hat

Gears are (tooth count) (special features)

1/2 gears are flat (tooth count)

Technic pieces are called by function, e.g. Worm, or by set, e.g Power Miners Claw

Technic axles are exactly as printed in the set instructions

Technic bars are X hole bars

Curved bars include the angle as well, e.g. cross, 6 holes, 45, 45, 2 holes, cross

Accesories for minis are called by their apparent look

Rubber pieces describe their holes, e.g. two crosses

Studs are called studs

Sloped pieces are X by X by X (slope/multislope) (with/without studs)

Circular plates are X by X circular (flat?) plates

Printed pieces are called by their obvious type, e.g. Milk carton, Dragon-printed door plate

NXT set pieces are called by the names given in the set

Racheting pieces are X by X with X ratchets

Claw-and-bar pieces are X by X claw/bar (plate?) s

Wheels are cross-axle/tpin/pin wheels, radius X in studs

Turntables are X by X turntables

Hinges are (plate?) hinges, multiple types inapplicable

Curved pieces are (studs) (plate?) curves

Sloped plates are (studs) angle plates

Motors are (windup?) (spec) motors

Remotes are called by their set specs

Tyres are described by what they fit, or as treads

Technic pins (called tpins for wheel purposes,) are (friction) X-length pins (with cross adapter?)

Technic bars with studs are X-stud bars

Strange miscellaneous pieces are described as thoroughly as possible, including source set

Launchers describe what they shoot, e.g. rubber-head missile launcher

Chains are described by length in studs

Vertical rotators are called that, X by X top

Animals and microfigures are called by their obvious identity

Capes are short, regular, or mini-specific, e.g Ringwraith cape

Feel free to add extra thoughts in the comments, or reference people here from non-meta

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