Recognised LEGO Fan Media Days 2017


The Recognised LEGO Fan Media Days 2017 is a three-day event hosted by The LEGO Group for Ambassadors of LEGO User Groups.

The LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) is a community network to provide valuable dialogue and initiate activities of relevance for the mutual benefit of the Recognized LEGO User Groups (RLUG), the Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) and The LEGO Group (TLG).

(I have been asked by jncraton (our current Ambassador from LEGO Answers to The LEGO Group) to attend this event on his behalf as he is unable to do so.)

Over the three days TLG will be providing presentations, a LEGO House/LEGOLAND tour, interviews, discussions/feedback as well as a 'secret unveiling'.


Billund, Denmark (various locations including within walking distance)


31st May - 2nd June 2017


This event will be a big opportunity to promote the LEGO Stack Exchange website amongst other LEGO fan and media websites, and possibly get answers to some of our unanswered questions on the site.

I will be given the chance to give a presentation to TLG and other RLFM groups about our community. This will also be the first time that LEGO Answers has attended an official event hosted by The LEGO Group.

In addition to attending the event and providing a presentation I pledge to:


  • TLG - The LEGO Group
  • RLFM - Recognized LEGO Fan Media
  • SE - Stack Exchange

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