The following was posted on the LEGO Ambassador Network yesterday:

The Element Quality Team reached out to us [the Community team] because they realize that AFOLs use LEGO elements in new and creative ways and if there is a concern it is likely that a member of your community could find it.

Please continue to report set specific errors to LEGO Consumer Services but if your community finds an element concern or element limitation post your concern here and we will make sure it is passed on to the Element Quality Team!

We will consistently share your community member’s feedback with the team which could create follow up steps like the request for pictures or videos and we will share any feedback the Element Quality Team provides.

This represents a welcome change giving us a more direct channel to report quality issues with elements. I'll report any specific issues that come up organically in questions here, but if you have noticed anything specific that you believe would be helpful to share with the team now, feel free to let me know.


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