What web sites, resources, and tools do enthusiasts use? It would be helpful to have a list of these available to reference in the future.

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Peeron/PICSL is one of the oldest and most comprehensive databases of parts and sets.

Bricklink is an online marketplace that also maintains a massive parts database.

Brickipedia is less comprehensive than Peeron but has details on more non-toy aspects of Lego, and after years of dealing with MediaWiki and knockoffs, I find it easier to use than Peeron.


Eurobricks news and forums

Lugnet if only for the archive

Classic Castle news and forums

History Bricks my favorite blog, all the mocs I need!

Brickshelf everybody's mocs

MOCpages nicer moc posting environment


Brickset: LEGO set guide

LEGO: the homepage of a company started by a Danish carpenter, has some interesting info

rec.toys.lego roll call: some rec.toys.lego archives

LDraw: one of the most comprehensive parts database and foundation fo numerous CAO tools. Peeron uses it too.


Here are some notable BIONICLE and Hero Factory resources:

  • http://bzpower.com
    • A BIONICLE fansite and forum (note there IS a LEGO Discussion forum, and a Hero Factory forum)
  • http://biosector01.com
    • A BIONICLE storyline wiki (we do have brief set information on pages that have set forms)
  • http://hf.biosector01.com
    • A Hero Factory (operated by the above BIONICLE wiki as well) (set information as well)

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