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How can one ask for LDD File recommendations without the fear of being off-topic?

A bit of context So I am busy working a diorama of the Pacific Rim Shatterdome in Lego Digital Designer, and am struggling to build the scenery normally associated with the Jaeger docks/hangars, as ...
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Can we change the icon of the Brick community

Is it possible to set a custom icon / favicon for the Bricks community ? if yes, is there any guidelines for the icon (provided by SE or can be any copyleft icon, …) ?
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Rename [manipulation] to [disassembly] (or similar)

The tag info for manipulation reads: The technique of disassembling two or more parts from one another. and all existing questions are actually about this. However the word manipulation has a ...
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Request: visual feature reference for parts on

It would be helpful to have some sort of visual feature reference on the site here to hint at what the community has accepted as standard terms to describe various features of LEGO pieces. I grew up ...
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Suggestion on Badge Design

When I saw the Badge design (next to the Badge Count in the header) on this site, I noticed it was normal. I would think it would be at the very least interesting to have a LEGO brick there instead. I ...
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How do we flag or comment on a user's profile?

I came across this new user 'a-child-of-god' ( Like many new Stack Exchange users, his first questions and interactions needs some tweaking ...
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Should we implement 'how-to-ask' tips for certain tags? (Updated May 2021)

Stack Exchange has a network wide feature which allows clear instructions on how to ask a question to be displayed for certain 'problem' tags. The full details about the feature can be found here. I ...
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Can we create a 'FLL' tag?

We all know that the FIRST lego league challenge announcement is happening soon, and we will definitely ask questions about it. I have noticed that there is no 'FLL' or 'FIRST' or'FIRST lego league' ...
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Can we incorporate some building block colors somewhere in the LEGO Answers banner? [duplicate]

Is there some way we can get StackExchange to incorporate some classic LEGO colors somewhere in the LEGO Answers.SE page banners? Some old school yellow, green, red and/or blue would fit in nicely.
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Area to display MOCs on LEGO Answers

I have been using LEGO Answers for about a week and love it (Pure LEGO Fan). At the moment LEGO Answers in BETA and I would like to contribute some ideas to make LEGO Answers a better Website and ...
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Can I suggest a more LEGO-y skin?

I thinks skins are a really important feature of stackexchange. Every site has it's own identity, given by the styling it uses. The current skin we use here is lovely, I really like the sketchyness, ...
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Shouldn't the Ask Question page mention the LEGO in all caps preference?

I see there are edits to questions where the word "lego" are being changed to all caps: "LEGO". Shouldn't there be a quick little note on the "Ask Question" page to capitalize the word LEGO? Or do ...
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Pluralize [tag:minifigure]

I think, and on SO it's a common though, that a tag should be in plural form if it can and that doesn't change sense. So let's pluralize minifigure by analogy with video-games.
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Quick link to BrickSet or similar set database

Don't we want or can implement quick links to any set database, e.g., to make linking set ids more handy? P.S. I've just published a small Firefox search plugin for the same purpose.
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Could we change the name on the @StackBrix Twitter account profile?

Currently the full name of our twitter account is: Brix Stack Exchange Whilst saving two characters in the account name is possibly valuable understandable when someone else already has the ...
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Should video embedding be enabled?

On the gaming SE site YouTube videos are automatically embedded into answers. Could we get something like that too? It would be very useful for showing mechanical parts/creations in action, ...
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Site may not be described as "LEGO Answers" - call for alternative titles [duplicate]

UPDATE: After a further review in March 2017, TLG have confirmed that they would like us to change the site name. This post is kept for reference. I've got this comment from Jan Beyer, Community ...
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Code to insert parts

On lugnet, it's possible ot insert specific parts in posts with the help of a specific code. It's very handy, while here it's quite a challenge to insert a part image, and with its full name, id and ...
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