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Do we have any staff on Bricks.SE?

So, there's a Winter/Summer bash hat for looking at a Staff's profile page, but my clicking through our user pages has not revealed any staff on Bricks.SE. I'm sure I just didn't click through enough ...
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What does “user was removed” mean?

I saw a notice in my Achievements suggesting that I was removed as a user from the Bricks group. As far as I can tell this isn’t true, but I’m still wondering what to make of the notification. Can ...
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Benefits of Bricks SE being recognized by LEGO

It is not a secret LEGO recognize and support a lot of AFOL groups all around the world. Most of these groups are LUGs (LEGO User Groups) which are formed by groups of adult LEGO fans gathering ...
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Fishy views on a user's questions

I noticed a new question was receiving a surprising number of views for a question only a few hours old with no answers (and no votes as of this writing). So I looked at the question tab on that user'...
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How can one ask for LDD File recommendations without the fear of being off-topic?

A bit of context So I am busy working a diorama of the Pacific Rim Shatterdome in Lego Digital Designer, and am struggling to build the scenery normally associated with the Jaeger docks/hangars, as ...
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How do you post a picture of an unidentified bag?

I have a bag but no directions. How do I post a pic of the bag?
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How can I bump a question with low rep?

I posted a question as a Guest, but then I signed up and wasn't the asker anymore. Unfortunately I didn't get the answer I wanted, so how do I get attention to it? Where are these minifigures from?
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Why does the featured tab say that there is one bounty question even though there are none?

Title says it all. Here is a screenshot:
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2 answers

How does rep gain when "a suggested edit is accepted" work?

I'm a total newbie to this site and still learning the ins-and-outs... I was skimming through the explanations of how reputation works and saw that you can gain reputation when "a suggested edit is ...
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Create the tag synonyms "cloaks" and "capes" for tag "accessories"

Just added the tag for "capes". I feel "cloaks" can be a synonym, but honestly BOTH should be synonyms for "accessories" Can someone with the appropriate amount of reputation please create the ...
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Does the LEGO Answers site get credit for hats earned by the users that opted out of the "Winter Bash" promotion?

I was checking out the Hat leaderboard. We are currently holding 89 of them. Does the site get credit for hats earned by the LEGO Answers users that met the criteria to earn a hat, but opted out of ...
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1 answer

Is question share popup on question upvote by design?

On each question upvote (but not answer) I'm getting a link share window popped up. Is it by design?
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Image background color

I tried to change the background of the animated gif on this post to black, as the yellow part, which is the most important of the design, isn't very visible on white. However, even when using an ...
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Providing a link to a question and the system recognizing your user?

I am thinking about providing a link to a question, but I have one question before doing so. How can you provide the link with it recognizing your user? I know that in area 51 you can create your own ...
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