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Questions regarding usage of the LEGO© trademark and branding.

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Site name change request from TLG

Some of you are likely aware that there was concern about the name of our site from TLG in the past. As part of becoming Recognized LEGO Fan Media, this concern has resurfaced. I've been in ...
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Incorrect "lego" in site welcome message

The site welcome message you get when not logged in says: Welcome to Q&A for lego and building block enthusiasts It should say Welcome to Q&A for LEGO® building blocks enthusiasts
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Site may not be described as "LEGO Answers" - call for alternative titles [duplicate]

UPDATE: After a further review in March 2017, TLG have confirmed that they would like us to change the site name. This post is kept for reference. I've got this comment from Jan Beyer, Community ...
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"Close as Off topic" statement is incorrect

The current "Close as off-topic" description reads: Questions on LEGO® - Stack Exchange are expected to generally relate to LEGOs, within the scope defined in the faq. As per the official LEGO ...
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Do we use Lego, or Legos?

On this site, which term do we use (or prefer to use) in questions and in tags? I'm inclined to the former, but then I'm British so that's the only way it could possibly be said.
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