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Somebody made an oopsie, but it has been corrected by making techinc a synonym of technic: see This often happens with misspelled tags; retagging would work too, but somebody else is bound to make the same mistake again. The synonym will help them find the correct tag, instead of creating a new one (if ...


I have not had this issue, but I have just dealt with the remaining 'Low quality post' in the queue so it should be cleared (at the time of posting). If it has not cleared, it might be worth checking that you have no filters applied or perhaps waiting a few hours.


I think that you might be mixing up headers (<h1>, <h2>, etc in HTML) and horizontal rules (<hr> in HTML). You can make an <hr> in Markdown like this: ------------ This will render as a horizontal rule or line: You can make level 1 and level 2 headers in Markdown using the following: Heading Level 1 =============== Heading Level ...

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