We could probably merge tags and tagging here, which would simplify things, even though you could argue there are some minor differences (nouns versus verbs, etc.). I disagree that tag-synonyms (valid) and "interesting-tags" should be merged either into that or together, they are different things - we seem to be using the tags and tagging to discuss use of ...


This definition I found explaining the difference seems quite helpful. What Is Glue? Glue is a substance that allows two surfaces to be bonded together. The term is commonly used interchangeably with “adhesive”. Glues are often marketed for specific applications—wood glue, thread lock, etc.—rather than being marketed based on their chemical ...


Sounds like a reasonable suggestion, nomenclature is a harder word to spell and type ;-) I've setup synonyms for both nomeclature and nomenclature which should help going forward

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