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LEGO House AFOL Opening Event - Trip Report

Thanks to the work of fellow Bricks moderator jncraton getting us registered as a Recognised LEGO Fan Media site, we were invited to send a representative to the AFOL Opening event of The LEGO House - ...
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Enfield Trip Report

I went to the TLG office in Enfield on Friday to report on our community and the support process for Recognized Lego Fan Media. I had a great trip, and it was wonderful to get to meet with folks from ...
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Feedback session in Enfield

I've been invited out to the LEGO US HQ in Enfield this Friday to talk about Bricks.SE. The event is described as a "Meet and Greet", so it's fairly low-key. I will be giving a brief 10 minute ...
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LEGO Fan Media Days 2017 - Trip Report

Bricks Stack Exchange has been given an opportunity, for the first time ever, to attend an official LEGO event since becoming a Recognised Fan Media site in February 2017. This June I attended the ...
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You may or may not be aware that I am currently attending the Brick 2014 convention in ExCeL, London. I am going with the intention of promoting our Stack Exchange site to the LEGO community. I also ...
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